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See How We Celebrated Hanukkah 2020…Around The Globe!

Although we could not all gather together this year for Hanukkah, Rodeph Sholom stayed festive with a nightly Zoom menorah lighting during all eight nights.

In addition to having special people lighting their menorahs at home, leading the blessings and singing a Hanukkah song, we also toured the globe from the comfy confines of our homes. Each night of Hanukkah there was some interesting information about a different place on this planet!

We invite you to view our Zoom menorah lighting event by click on the links below:

On the first night, Rabbi Eisenberg starting the holiday by leading the candle lighting. (CLICK HERE TO VIEW)

For the second night, Cantor Hirsch led the candle lighting and the theme that evening will be how perseverance keeps Hanukkah going in India. (CLICK HERE TO VIEW)

The third night, Cantor Hirsch and her family led the candle lighting, with the theme of the third night coming from the land “Down Under.” (We don’t have the link for this night…technical issues)

On the fourth night, Cantor Hirsch, along with Hannah Gale, led the candle lighting. The theme for the evening was Germany…a new beginning — Frohes Chanukah! (CLICK HERE TO VIEW)

For the fifth night, the candle lighting was led by Senior Gabbai, Sy Wiesenfeld, accompanied by Lanny Boles in song. The world tour stopped in Egypt. (CLICK HERE TO VIEW)

Led by the candle lighting with Faith Bader, the sixth night, Hanukkah’s theme was Argentina. Feliz Hanukkah! (CLICK HERE TO VIEW)

The seventh night of Hanukkah brought us back to the United States once again, as the theme of the night was Great Alaska Hanukkah…or Alaskanukkah. The Weinstein family led the candle lighting. (CLICK HERE TO VIEW)

On the final night, we celebrated all the soldiers currently deployed. Leading the candle lighting for the final night of Hanukkah was Rabbi Eisenberg. (CLICK HERE TO VIEW)


Hanukah with the Church of the Apostles

Havdalah with Qes Ephraim, Ethiopian Rabbi from Israel